We provide adult social work on behalf of North East Lincolnshire Council and you can call us on 01472 256 256 which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including bank holidays. We process over 15,000 calls a year and are always welcoming to answer any community adult health and social care queries you may have.

Last year we undertook over 5000 assessments of need and just under 500 Safeguarding enquiries.

For more information and examples of our work please see below or give us a call.


  • Individual and family call us as they feel the individual needs support
  • We listen and discuss their concerns
  • Concerns are mostly to do with aids and adaptations and hot meal support
  • We explain this can be supported by an Occupational Therapy referral and meals on wheels and the individual would still retain their independence. Referral made
  • Individual and family happy with the outcome and are aware to call back at any point in the future should things change
Social Work
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Social Work
Watch our example

Short Term Support

  • Carried out a social care assessment following an individual getting in touch after experiencing an injury following a fall
  • Discussed what was important to individual to understand that he wished to regain his independence and confidence, as well as a little help while his hip recovered
  • Introduced reablement support to encourage mobility as well as connecting with other services in the local area to help with this
  • Introduced care link equipment to enable urgent support to be accessed in the future, if required
  • Completed review following reablement support and individual had regained independence and felt confident enough to reconnect with the community and attend social groups

Long Term Support

  • Individual had stroke placed in residential care as per best interest decision from hospital
  • Following review at the care home established that the person had regained capacity and wished to no longer remain in the care home
  • Supported person to move to extra care housing
  • Person did not have any family locally and had not seen family for a long period of time. Once moved into extra care housing supported the person to make a video call to her family member who lived abroad
Social Work
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Social Work
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  • John’s friend Alice usually completes shopping for him, and has for over a year due to John’s mobility issues and this causing anxiety in supermarkets
  • Over the last month, Alice has been buying cheaper alternatives instead of the branded products that John enjoys and still requests the same amount of money
  • Alice uses the excuse that the price has increased; however, John has had a supermarket pamphlet through which has made him question the true cost of the groceries
  • John asks to see the receipt and Alice comes up with several different reasons as to why she no longer has the receipt
  • A month later, a receipt is left in the bag, which shows that cosmetics and a few other items that John did not ask for were bought, but not amongst the shopping he received. John could also see that there had been some buy one get one free offers, but he only had got one of each item that he had asked for and that the amount he had paid was more than the total receipt worth, even with all of the extras John didn’t receive
  • John doesn’t know what to do, but tells his daughter who then calls us for advice. A Safeguarding representative makes contact and arranges a visit to discuss his concerns. John says that he doesn’t want a fuss, but he doesn’t want Alice to do his shopping any more
  • Subsequently, John decided to ask his daughter to do online shopping for him instead, which his daughter agrees to
  • John says he does want to stay friends with Alice, as he likes her company. John tells Alice that his daughter is picking his shopping up when she gets hers from now on and she accepts this.


  • Individual called us as they had recently lost their sight overnight
  • Referral taken for us to support with rehabilitation
  • Initial assessment completed to establish abilities before sight loss and after
  • Discussed goals with client – to be more independent and rely less on partner
  • Worked with client starting with low level tasks building up so they are now able to complete some kitchen tasks independently and can now make their partner food and drinks safely
Social Work
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Social Care Handbook

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Further information can be found in the online Social Care Handbook here or call us.

Social Work

Christine Jackson
Principal Social Worker

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The Care Act 2014 stated that all Local Authorities should have a PSW in post to lead and support social workers to make sure the work they do is the best it can be.

The PSW must ensure that social workers understand the law and the context in which this applies to their role.

The PSW works to ensure that social workers work in a positive way and understand the strengths and skills of individuals to enable them to take control of their lives and to uphold their right to make decisions. This involves working in partnership with various organisations in North East Lincolnshire including NAViGO, Care Plus Group and the voluntary sector.

The PSW must also ensure that rules about safeguarding are followed to protect individuals from abuse and to make safeguarding personal, ensuring individuals are involved and supported in meetings and with any investigations.

Another part of the PSW role is to ensure that social workers continue to develop their knowledge and maintain their registration with Social Work England. It is therefore important that the PSW has regular communication with social workers and in North East Lincolnshire a quarterly forum is held for all social workers working with adults across the area.